Landlord Letters

Patience is Key When Looking For and Purchasing Rental Property

As today’s economy continues to struggle, homeowners across the country are looking for ways to make ends meet, and many are taking on the role of landlord. While jumping into the rental scene may seem enticing, it is important to make sure you are prepared for the task before you get started. According to the experts at, the following tips will help homeowners looking to buy rental property find success, no matter what the market. Do your homework and find a reputable ... Read more

Making a First Year Projection

Doing a First Year Projection Many investors rely on me to find the right investment for them. To take it one step further, investors want me then to predict what they will earn in year one. Wow, can we predict the future? Of course not but we can narrow in on a realistic expectation. I underline the word realistic because its too easy for us to set high objectives only to be upset. Pass the Seasoning, Please I like to have a least three ... Read more